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Annual Meeting 2019 Resources

55th Annual Meeting Official Call





Annual Meeting



The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to


                    (1)  establish major goals and objectives for the Conference program for the forthcoming year in light of program recommendations from the Associations and/or the Board of Directors.

                    (2)  act to continue programs on the basis of performance evaluations.

                    (3)  act on proposals from local churches, from delegates, from Associations of the Conference, the Board of Directors,  and from the United Church of Christ.

                    (4)  elect Conference officials as specified in these Bylaws, after receipt of a report from the Nominating Committee.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor, except as otherwise provided by these Bylaws.

                    (5)  involve the delegates in the ongoing work of the Conference through planned opportunities for information sharing, decision-making, corporate worship, and personal fellowship.


Registration and Business Items are forthcoming.