God is Still Speaking,

CAC Community of Practice Program Invites YOU

June 07, 2019

The Community of Practice Program is open for new members and looking for facilitators. Here is what one of your colleagues had to say about being part of the CoP group and facilitating a group in the CAC. Whether you are an Authorized Minister (Pastor or Asst/Assoc Pastor), a MID, bi-vocational, or part of the Interim Minister Network we have a CoP group for you!

“The Community of Practice program is a spiritual wellness practice that breaks through the isolation pastors can sometimes feel in our vocation. Our work can be heavy, overwhelming, and stressful. God calls us into community with one another, so we can be refreshed by the Spirit through worship, sharing our burdens with others who get it, and receiving affirmation and encouragement. The truth is, deep listening by someone who cares can change everything. Moments of shared humor or song can revive the soul. Caring for our spiritual wellness invites us to return to our own hearts; it helps us to pastor from a place of greater health and balance so that we can continue to follow God's call on our lives. I thank God for this program.”

Community of Practice Special Offers
for Members In Discernment & Clergy interested and/or engaged In Interim Ministry
The CAC is offering exclusively for Members In Discernment (MIDs) and for those interested
and/or engaged in
Interim Ministry to join in brand new Communities of Practice.

The MID CoP is open to support clergy in the process of ordination or seeking standing in UCC. The group will meet monthly and can be a source of strength and support during the process to share your stories, discuss challenges and/or develop a greater understanding of the call and the skill of servant leadership in ministry.

The Interim Ministry CoP is dedicated for authorized ministers who discern as their vocation Interim Ministry and authorized ministers who currently serve as Intentional Interim Ministers/Pastors.This CoP will meet via Zoom video conference so that the group can be composed of a gathering of interims across the Central Atlantic Conference. Monthly meetings will provide education, support, best practices, and opportunities to share challenges and successes for and within interim ministry. 

SCHOLARSHIPS for both groups are available through your association and CoP. For more information contact the Dean of the Communities of Practice program, Rev. Darryl! LC Moch at dmoch@cacucc.org or Associate Conference Minister, Rev. Dr. Audrey C. Price at aprice@cacucc.org.
Click here for application. Deadline for applications and fees are due by August 31, 2019
The next CoP Year begins September 2019 so secure your place now!