God is Still Speaking,

Central Atlantic Conference Disabilities Ministries (CACDM)

January 03, 2019

Dear Church Family,

The Central Atlantic Conference (CAC) invites members of your congregation and regional association to be part of the new Central Atlantic Conference Disabilities Ministries(CACDM). The task force is part of CAC’s Justice and Witness Ministries.

This ministry is an advocacy network for persons with disabilities to be participating and contributing members at all levels of church and conference work together. Examples of our ministry would be:

1. Promoting full physical access in our church facilities, including chancels;
2. Holding Conference and Association meetings only in physically accessible locations with sign language interpreting available;
3. Supporting appointments of persons with disabilities at all levels of church life;
4. Consulting with local churches for Christian education resources;
5. Public advocacy where civil rights are being violated for persons with disabilities.

A current need is for Association representatives for Chesapeake and New Jersey. Your recommendations are welcome.  

One overriding goal is assisting congregations to take on an A2A (Accessible to All) designation. A2A is a UCC Disabilities Ministries (UCCDM) preparatory process for congregational accessibility and also a designation for individuals to know that a congregation is accessible. One particular need that we have is for someone with technical skills for developing a Facebook page.

Thank you for helping to further our Justice and Witness ministries. Your responses are welcome.

Rev. David Denham
Chair, Central Atlantic Conference Disabilities Ministries (CACDM)
revbaseball@cox.net  540-354-4813