God is Still Speaking,

Farewell Blessings

July 17, 2017

This month we are also saying goodbye to the Rev. Kendal Brown who has been serving as CAC’s part-time Associate Conference Minister for Congregational Vitality and New Church Starts. Kendal’s work and spirit among us has been a true blessing. I feel honored for the opportunity to have served with him and begun to get to know the amazing gifts God has entrusted to him.  Many of you know that Kendal has been attending to two other passions and callings during his time with us. Founding and establishing his new and growing candle line – 228 Grant Street – and, working with a nationwide program to support LGBTQ students preparing for ministry. Working overtime to address the growing needs of these 3 callings, has been a true challenge. Having taken time with his partner, Brian, to discern next steps moving forward – they have determined, in fairness to all, his time with CAC needed to come to an end.  

But there is still Good News! Kendal will continue to reside in the Chesapeake Association and remain active in the CAC.  His passion and calling to help with our new church start ministry, is something he is looking forward too!  

If you haven’t, be sure to check out 228 Grant Street! (https://www.228grantstreet.com/) or (https://www.facebook.com/228grantstreet/). 

Rev. Denise Mason-Bullitt
Interim Conference Minister