God is Still Speaking,

Message from MESA Regarding UCC Profile System

November 18, 2021

The national setting of the United Church of Christ is creating a new platform for the Ministerial Profile and Snapshot. These changes do not include any content revision to the Ministerial Profile, but there will be enhancements and the layout will be more user-friendly. The official cutover date for the new system is Monday, December 6th. All information in the old system will need to be saved by 4pm ET on Friday, December 3rd. The current system will experience an outage beginning late on Friday, December 3rd and continuing through Sunday, December 5th. All content will be migrated to the new system automatically, and current users will be invited to create a new account in the new system. 
Training will be available for Ministers (this includes MIDs and others who may be creating a profile as part of their ecclesiastical process towards ordination), Conference Staff who work in Search and Call, and References in the first two weeks of December. It is only necessary to attend one training per role. 

Please click on one of the dates below to register: