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Resources For COVID -19

Resources For COVID -19

March 13, 2020


We have compiled some resources that we pray you and your congregations will find useful regarding COVID-19

This is a link to resources, including a bulletin insert, a disaster preparedness plan courtesy of the Southern New England Conference, and worship resources

The attached document contains useful information and advice about Social Distancing
from the Public Health Department of the Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospitals System
(Social Distancing)

This link has some useful guidance from our siblings from the Church of England

This is a link to a global map showing where COVID 19 has been identified:

This is a link to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) site regarding COVID-
19, which is being updated as information as information becomes available for testing and

This link contains information regarding both domestic and international travel

This link contains information and daily updates from the World Health Organization (“WHO”)

Local Resources


Hear and stay up to date with the Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announcements pertaining to the Coronavirus (click here)

Learn how affected counties are handling this pandemic (click here)

Stay informed about testing and confirmed cases by (click here)

Click here to stay up to date with the Virginia Announcements from the Virginia Hospital & and Healthcare association.

Click Here to see Virginia "situation Summary

Click here for Virginia FAQ's

Click here to view updates in Delaware about the virus

Click here to see how Delaware business are being advised on how to prepare

Click here to attend a Town Hall (virtually)
West Virginia

Stay informed about testing and confirmed cases in West Virginia by (click here)

West Virginia is following the CDC with the implementation of Mitigation (click here) to read more

Click Here to read how they are following recommendations to prepare and take action for Community and faith based organizations
New Jersey

Click here to see how New Jersey is handling schools and business amid this pandemic

Click here to see how New Jersey is monitoring the virus

Click here to watch a video explaining what the virus is
District of Columbia

See how DC schools are handling this virus by clicking here

Learn more about DC's FAQ's by clicking here

Click here for tips and tricks to avoid scammers during this time.