God is Still Speaking,

UCC AMA Endowed Chair PhD Program in African Religious Studies -- Give Now

July 01, 2017

In 2001, the UCC Central Atlantic Conference (CAC) entered into an agreement with the UCC’s Board of Homeland Ministries to endow an Academic Chair at Howard University School of Divinity (HUSD) in honor of the American Missionary Association. The Board granted half a million dollars to endow the academic chair in support of a proposed Ph.D. program in Africana Religious Studies.
We are on the precipice of making this dream a reality, but we need your help. Over the past fifteen years the UCC Friends of HUSD and Howard staff have hosted an annual fundraiser in the name of the James Floyd Jenkins Pillar of Faith Awards Program to support this effort.

At $1.2 million, we are very close to reaching our goal of $1.5 million, and solicit your help to make it happen by the end of 2017. $350,000 is our goal.

Your support of the AMA Endowed Chair will:

  •   Advance HUSD as the center of African America and African-descended reli-gious thought and  
  •   Acquire the resources needed for institutional excellence and effective growth;
  •   Develop capabilities and strategies that prepare leaders to engage in a culturally and religiously
      diverse world; and
  •   Increase and sustain the enrolled student population.
Please know that your contribution will be greatly appreciated, and your patronage at any level will make a profound and lasting impact. It is our hope that we can count on you. Thank you in advance for your donation and for being a part of this historic journey. We give God thanks for you!