God is Still Speaking,

Annual Meeting 2017

Annual Meeting


Official Call


The Board of Directors of the Central Atlantic Conference hereby calls the Fifty-Third  Annual Meeting of the Central Atlantic Conference, United Church of Christ to convene on Friday, November 17, 2017 at the Embassy Suites, Inner Harbor, Baltimore Maryland.

Voting Delegates: “Each local church shall be entitled to representation at meetings of the Conference by the chief lay officer designated by the local church and two lay delegates plus an additional lay delegate for each additional 500 members, or major fraction thereof, above an initial 300 members, and one (1) additional lay delegate provided such delegate is under 30 years of age. Representation shall be based on the last published edition of the Yearbook of the United Church of Christ.”

Voting Members: “Each authorized minister who has standing in any Association of the Conference shall be a voting member.  Members of each Association’s governing body, members of the Conference Board of Directors, and the Conference delegates to General Synod shall be voting members.  Elected members of Boards and Instrumentalities of the United Church of Christ residing in the boundaries of the Conference shall be voting members.

CAC Bylaws, Article II – MEMBERSHIP:  Section 3 (a, b, c) Voting Members


Annual Meeting Information


The Agenda and business items are forthcoming and will be available here.