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When Did I Become One of those People

When Did I Become One of those People


It's not like I haven't been without electricity before. Different storms, late payments equal no lights. So what made this one so different. The Girl Scout in me was prepared. I had my flashlights, my phone, laptop and nook were charged. Heck I even have an AC charger in the card that I could plug up my laptop or Nook if I needed to. The difference was that the dark was so total. The difference was I lived in a place that has electric everything - so I couldn't even cook the food that was going bad. The difference was that my son left my grill at one of his friends houses. The difference was it was dark and I just didn't like. I couldn't get online.

I had to reliy on my phone for the internet. How did I become one of those people who just couldn't live without checking email several times a day. Updating my Facebook status so many times. I was the person who as long as I had some type of light could read a book or crochet and just didn't care whether the lights were on or not.  But I wanted my hot shower, I wanted my ice tea, I wanted to be comfortable.  It was just to dark. I'm a Girl Scout for goodness sake.  This should have been a minor inconvenience.  But the older I get, the less patience I have with inconvenience.

When did I become one of  "those people?"  It just creeped up on me gradually.  I think I need  to get back to may books and crafts and be less stress about who's trying to contact me.  Next time this happens, I'll sit on the sofa and read my book by candlelight.


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