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 Central Atlantic Conference Community Of Practice Program


        The Community of Practice program consists of intentional facilitated clergy community groups to be part of the life of clergy and ministry leaders so we can continue to FLOURISH in both our                work and personal lives as people who are also called to ministry. The program strives to build, through our core values, strong fellowship between the participants, enhanced learning, provide                  opportunity for growth, promote unity and consistency for clergy, reflection and worship for the practitioner, enhancing a ministerial integrity, support, and overall whole person health for clergy.           Our core values are:

                 Fellowship- consistent access to deepened relationships with others

                                Learning – continued growth and development in the skills and practice of ministry

                                Opportunity – exploring change and challenge in a nurturing environment

                                Unity – realizing that we are not alone and that we can do more in communion

Reflection – includes an awareness of our Resilience and Responsibility and personal   worship time in a shared community

                                Integrity – commitment to our covenants that guide us in our call and vocations

                                Support- practical and visceral connection and engagement with others

                                Healthy – work-life balance

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CAC CoP Facilitated Groups

African American Women In Ministry  Bi-vocational/Multi-racial 

CAC Cross Conference Clergy Catoctin Chesapeake

Clergy with Children DelMar (Delaware) New Church Starts/ New To UCC

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/ Same Gender Loving Clergy

MIDs New Jersey Potomac Retirees Chaplain/Chaplain Educators

Shenandoah Transitional Leaders (Interim, Associates, Assistants)


 Program Fees range from $150-$250.00 annually.  Limited scholarships may be available upon request


COP Ministry  Team

Sheresa Simpson- Rice, ACM

Darryl! LC Moch, Dean of CoP


CoP Trained Facilitators & Groups

Ruth Harvey (CAC- African American Women in Ministry)

Amanda Hendler-Voss (CAC-BiVoc-Multi-racial)

Tom Willingham (New Jersey)

Sid Fowler (CAC-Transitional Leadership)

Amber Neuroth (CAC-Clergy with children)

Anne Holmes (DelMar/Delaware)

*****  Other Trained Facilitators *****

Robert Apgar-Taylor 

Rebecca Shillingburg

Amy Seat

Anne Findley-Chamberlain

Amy Sens

Katja Albrecht

Kelly Sisson

Debra Peters-Wilcox
Kyle Powderly

Dwayne Royster

Damaris Ortega 

Dan Bassett

Linda Higgins 

Joy Mounts 


Community Of Practice