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Library of General Synod Documents

Library of General Synod Documents


Where/When to donate to Chilren's Program

Flier containing information on where and when Children's Program donated items can be delivered.

NEEDED: Children's Program Donations

List a list of items still needed for the Children's Program. (.docx)

Transportation FAQs

Baltimore Transportation FAQs Updated June 2017

GS June 6 Update

Snacks collection, Volunteer opportunities; reminders about Special events, Vigils, and Service projects.

GS May 26 Update

Thanks, and a few more things we need to finish up - like finding more volunteers and making sure we have enough snacks for delegates and visitors to Synod.

GS May 19 Update

General Synod update and Invitation to Ecumenical & Interfaith Dinner

GS April 17 Update

Call for media contacts and crab-pickers! Plus reminders for the stuffing party, transportation tips and requests for donations for the CAC Shelter

GS March 31 Update

Reminders About Some Very Important Synod Items

GS March 24 Update

Information on Snacks, Volunteers, Childcare, Stuffing Party and Transportation

BCC Parking Garages

Parking around the Baltimore Convention Center

Baltimore Bus Parking  Fact Sheet

Visit Baltimore Parking Facility Fact Sheet and Map

Oversized Vehicle Parking - Camden and MCP

Fact Sheet for parking large vehicles

B&O Bus and Trailer Parking

Large vehicle parking information and map at the B&O museum

GS March 17 Update

Information on Snacks, Volunteers, CAC Shelter Project, Sponsorships, Special Events

GS March 3 Update

Information on Sponsorships, Choir singers and Special Events

GS February 24 Update

Delegate and Volunteer Information, Special Events

February Bulletin Insert

Information on ways to participate in General Synod

Special Events

Promotional flier for pre- and post-Synod trips

2016 Fall Association Meeting Presentation

Presentation given at all Fall 2016 Association meetings providing

September 2016 GS Update

Information on donations needed for Children's Program

Fundraising Brochure

Explanation of funds needed for Synod, as well as a good background on what happens at Synod

Materials on UCC.org

Event Materials for General Synod 2017