God is Still Speaking,

Mission, Vision, Values

Vision Statement

The Central Atlantic Conference is Christ centered, local church-focused, and mission driven. We empower the local church to be faithful, creative, vital and bold in witness and action; impacting social problems in our communities, the region, nationally and globally. The Central Atlantic Conference Board of Directors serve as Vision Bearers and Stewards of our future vision.

Mission Statement

Empowered by Jesus' inclusive journey of love, justice, and hope, the Central Atlantic Conference of the United Church of Christ strives to foster the strength and well-being of the church in all its settings. Our overarching goal is to embody and carry out our ministries in ways that manifest our unity in Christ and the richness of our diversity.


  • Extravagant and unconditional love
  • Spaces for courageous transformation
  • Respect of different ways we worship and serve
  • Justice for unamplified voices and those seeking equity and inclusion
  • God's righteousness and justice
  • Radical hospitality, inclusion and diversity
  • Prophetic Witness & Direct Action

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