God is Still Speaking,

2022 Clergy Compensation Guidelines

December 15, 2021

The conference has released the 2022 clergy compensation guidelines. You will note that minor changes have been made from last year: a 2% cost of living increase was made to the salaries listed as well as the Social Security Offset was adjusted per the IRS guidelines for 2022. You might note that the mileage reimbursement rates have not been adjusted for 2022 because the IRS has not released those figures as of 12/1/2021. Once the mileage reimbursement rates are released, the document will be updated. We encourage search committees to use these guidelines in the formation of their pastoral compensation packages, and additionally, we hope that our churches will refer to this tool as they adjust their current pastor's salary for the new year. May God bless our ministries and may equity in pay demonstrate our commitment to value the important work that clergy do each day in the service to our Savior Jesus Christ.