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The Central Atlantic Conference 57th Annual Meeting

The Central Atlantic Conference 57th Annual Meeting

August 10, 2021

As you know, our 57th Annual Meeting “Remember, Renew, Rejoice!” will be on October 12-16,2021. Our planning team is working hard to make this an inspirational and enjoyable experience. All events from Tuesday, October 12 through Thursday, October 14 will be virtual gatherings. Physical gatherings will begin on Friday, October 15 and all gatherings, including the Board Meeting and all plenary sessions will include the option to attend virtually.

As we continue to experience rises in COVID-19 cases mostly due to the Delta variant, the safety of all who come to Harrisonburg is of paramount importance. Although statistics still report that the vast majority of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths occur among
unvaccinated persons, it is important to us as a faithful community to act from care and an abundance of caution. In that regard for the well-being and safety of all, we will be doing the following:

1. Limiting the physical attendance at the Annual Meeting to 100 persons.
2. Spacing seating in our plenary sessions and meals to maximize social distancing
3. Strongly encouraging wearing masks and physical distancing in all public spaces of the

Since we will be limiting the amount of persons attending the Annual Meeting, we need make
your reservations with Hotel Madison no later than by WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, for headcount


Please see COVID-19 information, protocols, and recommendations here.

Please contact the CAC Conference Office at 410.788.4190 with any questions

Thank you!


2020 CAC Annual Meeting Minutes

57th Annual Meeting Agenda

Acting Associate Conference Minister Report - Rev. Aubra Love

Associate Conference Minister Report - Rev. Nelson Murphy

Associate Conference Minister Report - Rev. Sheresa Simpson-Rice

Associate Conference Minister Report- Rev. Marvin Silver

Assumptions and Summary Budget

Board Nominations


CAC Standing Rules 2021

Central Atlantic Conference Board of Directors Report

Conference Minister Report- Rev. Freeman Palmer

Official Call to the 57th Annual Meeting

Resolution of Witness (UCC Witnessing "A White Supremacy Free Zone")