God is Still Speaking,

Worship Online with these CAC Congregations

November 28, 2021

Zion Evangelical Lutheran UCC 9:45 AM
The Keep & Till 6:00 PM
St. Mary's UCC  10:30AM
Grace UCC 11:00 AM
Sojourners UCC 10:00 AM
Emmaus UCC 10:30 AM
Cleveland Park Congregational 10:30AM
First and St. Stephens 10:30 AM
Glen Ridge 10:00 AM
Heritage UCC  10:00 AM
Jubilee United Church of Christ 11:00 AM
First Congregational UCC Of Washington DC 10:30 AM
New Covenant UCC 10:00 AM
Zion UCC @ Perry Hall 10:30 AM
Little River UCC 10:00 AM
Christ Congregational New Jersey 10:00 AM
Columbia United Christian Church      10:30 AM
Empowerment Liberation Cathedral 1:00 PM
Faith UCC - DC 11:00 AM
The Community Church Of Mountain Lakes 10:00 AM
First Congregational Church of River Edge 10:00 AM
St. Johns Grace UCC 10:30 AM
Evangelical Reformed Church, United Church of Christ 10:30 AM
Rock Spring Congregational UCC 11:00 AM
United Christian Parish 10:00 AM
Inner Light Ministries 11:00 AM
First Congregational - Montclair 10:30 AM
Greenbelt UCC 10:30 AM
Hope UCC -Alexandria 10:00 AM
Christ Congregational Silver Spring 10:00 AM
Peoples Congregation UCC 10:00 AM
St. John UCC -Richmond 10:00 AM
The UCC Of Annapolis  10:30 AM
Well Spring UCC (Centreville, VA)    10:00 AM
Westmoreland Congregational UCC 10:00 AM
The Community Church of Washington DC 11:30 AM
Rivers of Living Water UCC 2:00 PM
Plymouth Congregational UCC- Washington, DC      10:00 AM
First Congregational Christian- Chesterfield UCC 11:00 AM
New Ark UCC  9:30 AM
Zion Reformed  10:00 AM
Rockville United Church 10:45 AM
St. Paul's UCC - Woodstock 8:00 AM
Christ Church - Summit 9:30 AM
Trinity United Church - Warren
United Evangelical UCC 10:00 AM
Cresskill Congregational 10:00 AM
Glade UCC 10:00 AM
Union Congregation Church UCC 10:00 AM
First Congregational Church Of Verona UCC 10:00 AM
Holy Trinity United Church Of Christ- Willingboro 10:00AM
St. Matther's UCC 10:45 AM
Bethesda UCC 10:30 AM
First Congregational UCC - Haworth 10:00 AM
Trinity United Church - Webster 10:30 AM
First Congregational Church of Park Ridge 10:00 AM
Immanuel UCC 10:30 AM
Community Congregational Church -Short Hills 10:30AM
Lazarus UCC - Lineboro 10:00 AM
Locust Point Community UCC    10:00 AM
First Congregational Christian- Irvington 11:00 AM
Trinity UCC, Manchester, MD  10:30 AM
Rutherford Congregational 10:30AM
Webster UCC 10:30 AM
Faith UCC -Union NJ 10:30 AM
Bethel UCC - Arlington 10:00 AM
Messiah UCC 9:15 AM
First Congregational Church Of Westfield 10:00 AM
Christ Reformed - Hagerstown 9:30 AM
Beloved Community Church 11:30 AM

If you would like to add your church service please send your information to Tristan Battle at the Conference office.